IKONIC Professional

Brands like Biosoft, Up To Toe, Berry’s, Pro Arte and Ikonic Professional are owned by SSIZ Group. SSIZ International is an Indian corporate behind these brands. Every Ikonic tool is precisely designed to be user-friendly and cater to all levels of professionals. This was achieved through our team of professional experts who offered their advice and guidance on the right range of tools. From Ceramic to Carbon, they’ve handpicked every tool that has evolved from the best global technology available. We Pixies group brings you the most expensive products to india from all over the world for affordable price go and get yours.

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It is a revolutionary, new way to effortlessly create beautiful curls. This innovative tool automatically draws hair into the ceramic chamber where it is gently heated from all directions to create the perfect curl in seconds. From longer lengths to shorter styles, no matter what the hair type, the Insta Curl creates shiny, long-lasting curls, every time.