There is just something about the winter that invites for experimenting with makeup. No worries of sweat, humidity, moisture, and melting. Finally, you have got all the freedom in the world to try out all those stuff you wanted to do earlier, and hey you can actually go out into the public too. But hey, winter comes with its fair share of trouble too. Your skin can flake, dry out and even become irritated if left uncared for. Let’s check out how we can fix that.


Never skimp out on moisturizer this winter. Get stock loads of moisturizer so you never run out for a few years. Lusting for that dewy, natural glowing complexion that you always wanted? Spend time massaging your moisturizer into your skin. Let all that goodness sink in and practice a good technique too. Be generous and don’t forget the neck. Here are some of our select choices perfect for this winter.

Perfect Timing

You now know how important moisturizing is to your winter beauty routine. But do you know the best time to actually do it? Pixies beauty specialists suggest that the perfect time to moisturize yourself is right after a hot steamy bath. The pores are open and the skin is still mildly damp. This is the perfect time for the skin to take in all the goodness of your cream. Make sure that your moisturizer has Vitamin C or E for a surplus of radiance.

Say No to Powders

Powders tend to dull naturally glowing skin. It also tends to dry out and give an unflattering appearance. This is why you should switch your desi powdering routine for something better suited to the climate. A moisturizing CC cream can be the game changer you were waiting for. Take your pick from some of our perfect selections at right here.

Primer Upgrade

Here is something for the ladies who are obsessed with matte. I know, we love it here too. But in case of your primer, it’s time laid the matte one aside and chose something more luminous. The minimalist shimmer from these luminous primers can give your face a natural glow. Not just that, this adds for an extra layer of hydration. So that’s, two birds in one stone I say. Oh, we’ve just slashed out prices for primers at Pixies this winter. Check them out here and here’s to hoping you find your favorite one.

Ready For Some Winter Shopping?

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