‘Why does my skin come up with the worst issues at the last minute?’

If only I had a dime for every time I heard that come out of a woman’s mouth. Breakouts are not impossible to stop. But hey, for healthy skin, you should start living a healthy lifestyle. So that means obviously bye bye to your smoking habits and drinking alcohol on weekdays. Once we’ve got that part of your life started, we can move on to better things like binging on water like you ran a marathon. Yeah yeah, I can already hear huge sighs of how this is not going to work. But remember these are hard truths that need to be heard. You will not notice results in a day. It will take a month for your system to be fully detoxified and then WHAM someone hits you with the most heartfelt compliment ever and you never wore any make-up that day. Exactly, that’s how healthy skin works. Now let’s get to it!

 Always remove your makeup before bed

Girls listen up. I know you are drunk after that baller party your friend Sarah just threw at the bay, but for Christ’s sake go wash your face. Take your time, because all that make-up you spent hours putting on before you got hammered is blocking your pores. Use olive oil if you don’t have acne prone skin. In case pimples are a surefire problem, do check out our selection of makeup removers at Pixies.in


A life long exposure to the sun is not a good thing for your skin. Our desi skin does come with a helpful amount of melanin to keep us safe. But even that is not going to save you from overexposure. SPF 15 or SPF 30 to keep your skin healthy. Confused on what sunscreen will suit your skin? Consult our experts at Pixies.in and find you perfect sunscreen.

 Eat Healthy

Skip out on fries and burgers for a while Karen. No one is banning you from Burger King, but just suggesting you to not make it a daily habit of spending your evenings there. Cucumbers and carrots are miracle workers for the skin. Drink plenty of water and spend your time enjoying a diet of fruits and vegetables too. Cosmetics sure can help you look a class apart, but being beautiful from the inside out works wonders too. Make it a habit to at least eat a fruit a day. Don’t forget the water!

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