In today’s break neck speed busy lifestyle, we barely get some me time for ourselves. When we were kids, our mom’s used to chase us around the house only to massage our heads with oils. This ritual, although frustrating in those days, is the foundation for healthy roots and beautiful hair. I wish we all could go back and taken our mom’s advice once again. Until a time machine is invented, now you another way to repair your scalp and find a way to rebuild your hair right from the scalp. Biolage’s advanced Scalppure package consists of a shampoo, conditioner and serum. This triad of products when applied one after the other according to the instructions is the key to solving all your scalp related issues once it for all. Today we are going to have a deep look in to what makes the Scalppure Serum a one of a kind gem in today’s saturated cosmetic market.

Product Description:

BIOLAGE ADVANCED SCALPPURE is the 1st Multi Corrective solution for 72 hours of scalp balance. Combining the goodness of Nature with Bergamot and the power of Molecular Science with Zinc Pyrithione, Scalppure combats various scalp concerns such as Dandruff, Excess Oil, Itchiness and Odor. Bergamot, a citric fruit, naturally soothes irritation and helps regulate sebum production, and Zinc Pyrithione is a powerful Anti-dandruff & Anti-bacterial agent that helps the scalp normalize skin cell production. These powerful ingredients combine to purify the distressed scalp and deliver visible results.

End Goals:

Matrix’s 1st Multi Correcting Scalp Leave in Serum, helps reduce excess sebum and instantly soothes and hydrates the scalp.


The Serum comes in an aqua blue plastic bottle with a tall nozzle on top. The quality of the container is top notch and the nozzle does its job perfectly with no issues. Overall the build quality is worth the money.

My Experience:

I used to have dandruff problems often. Buckets of anti-dandruff shampoo do offer a temporary solution but that was all at the cost of stripping of all oils from my hair. It left my hair dull, dry and lifeless. After being suggested to try the Scalppure Treatment by a friend, I decided to go for it. As always, I logged into, by go to for all things beauty related. I found that the Pixies beauty shop had a special discount on the Serum and I immediately added it to my cart as I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Within 24 hours I had the package in my hand without any hassles.

Now it was time to test out the product for real. After having used the Matrix Biolage Scalppure Serum for I week, I am impressed! What I love the most is the Scalppure Serum is how perfectly it does its job! After using the shampoo and conditioner, your hair is already clean and smooth. Now all it needs is the perfect solution to treat the scalp as well. This is where the Scalppure Serum comes in. Just applying this non-sticky serum directly onto the scalp in small quantities can do wonders for your hair. Take your time massaging the scalp. Part your hair so that the serum can reach more of the scalp skin. Allow it to seep into the scalp for that extra hydration to avoid flakiness. This product gives the scalp that extra oomph which it requires the most. It might seem like a chore to go through the entire process of shampooing, conditioning and then applying the serum regularly, but it is all worth the time and trouble at the end of the day. I had seen noticeable differences from Day 1, and by the end of Day 7, all the itchiness and dandruff had been wiped out in its entirety. I was left with a scalp that felt so good to touch and hair that was voluminous and healthy.

It is a product that I trust and would go back to. I would definitely recommend it for a friend who is facing issues with his/her scalp.

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